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Compare power washer applied Shingle Flex with other Bio oil commercially applied asphalt roof protectants, which require specialty application equipment and are not available for the DIY market.

Shingle Flex allows you to get the same chemistry and life extension for your asphalt shingle roof, while allowing you or your contractor to apply it quickly and easily with a power washer, saving you 50% or more on the cost of commercially applied products.

About ShingleFlex

Shingle Flex allows for easy fog on application using your power washers soap injection intake.

Shingle Flex gives you the same saturation into the asphalt shingle using the same Bio oil component as the most popular commercially applied saturates and protectants, but ALSO features a state of the art Ultra UV screen for added protection.

Available in 1.25 Gal (does 1,250 sq. ft. of roof), 5 Gal (does 5,000 sq. ft. of roof) and 15 gal kegs (does 15,000 sq. ft. of roof)