A Shingle Flex treatment starts at $1295 for the average roof!

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You May Not Need a New Roof for Many Years with Shingle Flex!*

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, which is over 5 years old it will benefit from Shingle Flex ™ Asphalt Shingle Protectant. The roof has aged and the asphalt binder has experienced structural loss due to UV exposure, weather and oxidation.

Continual exposure to the elements over time reduces your roof’s ability to remain flexible, which leads to the break down of the shingles and the exposure of the aggregate fillers inside. Your shingles will eventually lose all ability to maintain water hold out and you will need an expensive new roof. With an application from a Shingle Flex Preferred Applicator/Dealer, your roof last much longer, saving you tens of thousands of dollars over time!

Shingle Flex's special blend of Bio Oils and Ultra UV inhibitor penetrates the asphalt binder in your shingles, re-lubricating them, maintaining the shingles flexibility and pliability, allowing the roof hold water out for many more years than would normally be expected.

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Roofing Pro's Only! Become a Shingle Flex Preferred Applicator - Dealer with your own Exclusive Territory!

Shingle Flex Preferred Applicator’s have their own market territory, fantastic marketing tools and best in class value proposition to homeowners and business owners.

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